This LTE was not quite what the local paper wanted to print(Update: Per MBWITW it is in the paper and one of her co-workers pointed it out, and asked if “I knew MBWITW works with Dhimmicrats?” Now WTH does that mean?)..or put online…as I can find no trace of it..
As Bly is one of the “blessed” liberals in this town?

Suggested headline: Bly says Don’t Do What the DFL Did

To the Editor:

Former representative David Bly, maybe a little nostalgic for when he was writing Minnesota‘s laws, is now against Constitutional amendments that would “reduce our democracy”.

But when Bly was in the DFL-dominated legislature and couldn’t get all the environmental spending they wanted past a Republican governor, he voted to put the “Legacy” amendment on the ballot. It passed with strong union backing plus $2 million from the former Mrs. Mark Dayton. Locked in to the constitution for 25 years, the 3/8% sales tax (a regressive tax on even the poorest Minnesotans) by-passes future legislatures and governors. How’s that for democracy?

But Bly seems to be one of those DFLers like Rep. Patti Fritz of Faribault who thinks we always have “unmet needs” and never too much taxation. So now Bly urges the Republican controlled legislature to pass bonding to “create jobs”. Just like Obama, he wants more government deficit financing to create jobs.

He finally found one item he would not spend government money on, namely a Vikings stadium. Nothing for Vikings fans but light rail, windmills, K-12 spending, anything else you can imagine, he would like to spend your tax dollars on. In 2008 the college generation was full of Hope for positive Change. What have they got? What hope do they have for jobs? It seems Bly thinks they might all go to work on pouring cement on a light rail transit boondoggle. Go figure.

Mr Madd Medic