Re: The Left

"Franklin Delano Roosevelt never denied that he created Social Security. Lyndon Baines Johnson didn’t forswear any responsibility for Medicaid. Ronald Reagan never argued that his defense buildup didn’t happen. The Obama White House, in contrast, wants to wish away the historic federal spending that is one of its signature accomplishments. White House press secretary Jay Carney … urged reporters the other day to steer clear of ‘the BS that you hear about spending and fiscal constraint with regard to this administration.’ Not one to be outclassed by his press secretary, President Barack Obama kept up the edifying livestock theme by calling Mitt Romney’s attacks on his deficit spending ‘a cow pie of distortion.’ The White House has a deeply conflicted relationship to its own record. It is saddled with a bad case of spender’s denial, a rare psychological disorder afflicting committed Keynesians facing re-election at a time of record debt. On the one hand, spending is the lifeblood of ‘Forward.’ It saved us from another Great Depression. It is forging a glorious new future of green energy. … On the other hand, the deficits and the debt that come with all this spending are alarming and unpopular. So Obama calls himself the most fiscally conservative president in more than half a century. … He needs to consult an accountant and a therapist, and not necessarily in that order." –columnist Rich Lowry