Opinion in Brief

"Remember Obama and Hillary’s ‘reset button’ with Russia. How’s that working out? Putin is (still) a KGB thug who kills or imprisons his enemies and who will be devoured by his own people if the price of oil goes low enough. … When we were in the process of establishing a missile defense capability in the Czech Republic and Poland and the Russians objected, guess who blinked, much to the embarrassment of those two American allied nations that had committed to housing the missiles … and who had trusted America and our strength? … We helped drop bombs on Libya to prevent innocent casualties (humanitarian reasons Obama said). Many more innocents are dying Syria. Then again, the Russians didn’t tell us we couldn’t bomb Libya. … [T]he mullahs in Iran are now feeling the sanction pinch. … Having bought more time, the Iranians now want to sit down again. Where will these new ‘negotiations’ take place? Russia! … [W]hy is Obama getting a pass for running the most incompetent foreign relations operation in history?" —Fred Thompson