Freedom Is Just Another Word...


2.34(3) surrender the large-capacity magazine to a law enforcement agency for destruction.

Nothing like making criminals out of law abiding citizens and doing nothing to address crime or violence.

Look at these ridiculous and draconian bills! Un F*&ing believable! No grandfathering on so called assault weapons!!

Bad Bad Bad Bills….

Felony to carry on school property:

Removed misdemeanor exemption for permit holders carrying on school property. (Also removes “a firearm carried in violation of this paragraph is not subject to forfeiture.”)

Adds a gross misdemeanor. for the first time, and a felony charge for the second time for carrying in an establishment that asks you to leave.


Sheriff / Police can require you to get “signed off” state licensed primary care physician or state certified mental health professional before you get a permit.


Defines “Assault Weapon” as ANY:

Semi-automatic that has the capacity…

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