ALERT: MUFAF Hires High-Powered Lobbyists to Pressure Lawmakers to Legalize Gay "Marriage"

Courts Put Gay “Marriage” Lawsuit On Hold Pending Outcome In Legislature

Contact Your Legislator Today and Tell Them You Don’t Want Marriage & Family Redefined!

The effort to legalize gay “marriage” and redefine the family has moved into high gear as GLBT-activist group Minnesotans United for All Families (MUFAF) just announced hiring more than a half-dozen lobbyists to pressure lawmakers to legalize gay “marriage” in the 2013 legislative session.

That’s right, with financial backing from the national group Human Rights Campaign and others, MUFAF has hired Messerli & Kramer to lead the effort to eliminate authentic marriage and turn it into a government system of love licenses. In addition, two members of Project 515 have been added to the team as well.

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Clearly, MUFAF was dishonest about their desire to “continue the conversation” on marriage, as they have now turned their anti-amendment campaign into a high-powered, well-funded lobbying organization bent on ending marriage by making it genderless and negating its historic purpose, which is to bind a man and a woman and any children born from their union.

And the courts are watching to see what happens in the legislature as the lawsuit to legalize gay “marriage” has been put on hold. “We’re putting the ball in the Legislature’s court …,” said Peter Nickitas, who represents same-sex couples who sued the county over its failure to issue them marriage licenses. That means they are betting that MUFAF’s army of high-paid lobbyists can redefine marriage and cripple one of the most important institutions that secures the social and economic well-being of society.

According to the article, Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL Minneapolis, who is leading the effort to redefine marriage and family said the case "takes away a pretext for the Legislature not acting".

Dibble’s comments should also take away any pretext for pro-marriage, pro-family supporters not contacting their legislators and telling them that you don’t want marriage and family redefined.

Now is the time to make your voice heard!

We need you to contact your senator and state representative today and tell them you won’t stand back and watch as marriage is destroyed in Minnesota. Tell them you do not support the legalization of gay “marriage,” and that studies show gay “marriage” is bad for children, families, and our state.

Let them know that with all of the problems we face as a state and nation, the Legislature should not be harming one of the most important institutions that secures the social and economic well-being of society.

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