When a society allows its political leaders to pass unjust laws the people suffer. When only just laws are enforced, the people’s lives, liberty and property are respected. In a where just laws prevail the result is peace, prosperity and freedom.

In a society that embraces only just laws the court system promotes equal justice, but when unjust laws are passed and enforced injustice prevails and the Courts destroy the justice they were created to provide..When unjust laws become commonplace the government becomes the usurper of power and begins to extend special benefits and privileges to certain groups and individuals at the expense others.

Any law that violates the principles spelled out in the Constitution are unjust. The Sheriffs have been elected to protect our rights and were to be the guardians of our liberty and the defender of our Constitution. It was stated years ago that it is sometimes necessary for a patriot to defend his country from his government. The Constitution was written to control the government not to control the people.

A County Sheriff must decide whether he or she will honor their oath or be an administrative assistant to the President of the United States. The Sheriff can not serve two masters. He must take his marching orders from the people or the President.. It is up to us to elect righteous men or women to serve as our County Sheriff.

As a resident of the county, we have a right to know if our Sheriff had their fingers crossed when they promised to uphold the Constitution. We need to contact every single County Sheriff in the land and find out who they are working for.

Visit Constitutional Sheriffs at: http://constitutionalsheriffs.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network