Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Truth in media…NOT!!!

Adam Baldwin@adamsbaldwin

RT@bob_owens “Red-handed: @AP caught inserting ‘assault rifle‘ into Alabama hostage standoff.” –


But wait!!!

The NRA called for armed school guards and they were Nazi’s and caused much panty wetting amongst the anti gun crowd…

So why is it different now??


Firearms Protection Act passes in Wyoming…

“Honey! Pack your bags we are moving!”

Damn I wish. But here in Minnesotah the DFL (Dumb F***ing Liberal) Party is considering bullshit legislation as draconian as New York recently passed..


Mighty Buck Ofama..

Your out!!


Zombies!! Democrats!! Same difference…


From Shotgun News..

5 to buy before…


Well this is interesting..High crime, Godless, Democrats..But probably just a coincidence…Ya know?


The most pointless of all the current Buck Ofama media centers. MsNBC. lying liars refusing to own up to their out right…

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