Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Caving. As in caving in to Buck Ofama..Is what our RINOs do today..

No spine, no balls. Just give in and spend more..Money we do not have…Damn fools..


Really Buck Ofama

Stop Apologizing for America and Start Promoting Liberty


So Al Sharpton, whom is as much of a Reverend as I am, in other words NOT!! ANd somebody called Chris Rock whom is a ‘celebrity’ somewhere so apparently he feels he should be listened to…Yeah..Right..Both feel Buck Ofama should be…

Obama as God and Father of the Nation

I think not. That would not end well..

Buck Ofama AWOL when Benghazi happened…

Well truth starts coming out, from a Democrat and Buck Ofama appointee…One thinks maybe this could end badly for Mr. Panetta


Father knows best…

Sandy Hook Father: My Child Is Safer at Home Where I am Armed


Is martial law…

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