The Constitution was written by the representatives of the people to create a government that would protect the God given rights of the people, The authors of the Constitution knew that the government would need to be restrained or it would eventually enslave the people that it was created to protect,

From the very beginning there were those in high places that sought to use the power of the government to gain unrighteous dominion over the masses. These conspiring men knew that if they could persuade Congress to write laws that would benefit themselves at the expense of their constituents, they could use the government to control the lives, liberty and property of the people.

The Founders also knew that if the masses were kept in the darkness they would much more obedient and would be easier to control.They knew that they could control the people if they could control the media. By controlling what the people though they could control the actions of the people. They also realized that if the government were able to control the curriculum in the schools what was thought to be education would in reality be indoctrination. Rather than teaching our youth how to think the government sought to teach them what to think. Rather than teaching the students the skills necessary to be responsible individuals, the schools have taught us that we should seek the security of a job rather than becoming an entrepreneur. The schools teach that a good person is obedient and that it is a sin to question authority. In the government schools creativity is discouraged and conformity is promoted.

Why is it that in the Constitution that the authority to provide education was a power delegated to the states and not the Federal government. The control of education by the Federal government violates the Constitution and has led to a nation of uniformed and uneducated voters that for a new dictator every four years. While tyrants rise to power in other nations by force, in America we elect those that use the color of law to enslave us.

Eating an elephant would be a nearly impossible task for a hungry lion, but an army of millions of ants could devour the elephant in a few minutes if they came together for that purpose. Our country has been taken over by a host of criminals that take their marching orders from the financial elite that control politics. Changing our elected officials is an exercise in futility as long as Goldman Sachs and the international banking cronies are calling the shots.

The Constitutional Sheriff’s Organization was created to unite the people across America into groups at the county level to become well educated on the principles of liberty and individual responsibility. It is our goal to create a county website in every county and parish in America to in order to educate ourselves and to hold our elected officials accountable/

Please share this message with everyone you know that prefers liberty to tyranny. Copy the websites URL with everyone you know so that we can devour the beast that has destroyed our Constitutional Republic and enslaved us.

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