Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Like Biden and so many others on the Left.

When Wasserman opens her fugly mug. Diarrhea runs out..

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz Sweetens The Pot: The Sequester Will Delay Action On Gun Control…



Don’t have any around here. Well in  the big city, but with the price of gas, no special trips.


What part of Shall not be infringed do assOs like Chuckie Schumer not understand???

Negotiations? There should be no ‘negotiations’ over this!!

A HELL NO!! is sufficient!!


A veteran faces..

7 Years in Prison Over Empty Ammo Magazines

Becasue of lame assed politicians passing stupid effing laws and making Citizens. Taxpayers. Veterans whom served their country, criminals.

And the likelihood of these same Politicians ever having ‘served’ other then for personal gain and attention as politicians?

I doubt it.


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