Freedom Is Just Another Word...


The first round of hearings is over…
…but the fight for your rights has just begun!

We’re the real grassroots:

As noted by statewide media, civil rights supporters like you once again outnumbered, out-organized and out-testified against rights-restricting gun control bills at last week’s Minnesota Senate hearings.

What’s Next:

Two committees — one in the Minnesota House and the other in the Senate — will each be working on "omnibus" bills — great, big combo meals of gun control.

Based on the bills already heard in the House and Senate committees, these bills will attempt to:

  • Enact Universal Registration of pistols and sporting rifles, and make you pay for the registration
  • Make it easy for a police chief or sheriff to hassle, delay, and deny you a purchase permit (which will be required above), and make it harder and more expensive to fight that denial
  • Weaken the permit to carry…

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