Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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To the Legislators of the Republic of the United States of America

Honorable Sir (Madam),

It is time to quit *****-footing around with the Constitution of the Republic of the United States. Yes, we are a Republic, and not a democracy… and if you don’t know that then I suggest you study up! There is a difference.

Some of you are traitors. There are traitorous legislators among you, who, along with Marxist President Barack Hussein Obama, are systematically circumventing our Bill of Rights every chance they get, and not one of you pompous lead–heads is doing anything about it. Must I remind you that the Constitution is our Rule of Law? Have you even read it? Our Constitution, adhered to and fought for by honest, freedom loving American people from all races and ethnic backgrounds, made this the greatest Nation on the entire earth, and you imbeciles are…

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