Freedom Is Just Another Word...

When they come for the guns..

Politicians should be found guilty of violating the 2nd Amendment. Amongst many others..

Imagine, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer and their ilk busting in your front door..

They should also lead the way as they go door busting to seize said guns. Only fair.

They should be booted to the curb next election and if we had any smarts term limits would be imposed..

Just my thoughts…


First we had Sean Penn running around Chavezuela and claiming all the goodness that was happening there..

Now Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea…for what?

You go basketball Jones…


Moochlle Ofama, you know the one whom spends our money on vacations like she is some kind of royalty?

And is pushing her supposed expertise on nutrition down our throats and leaving many high schoolers hungry..

Now wants to control what we feed our Dogs and Cats?

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