Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Minnesota Anti Gun Omnibus Bill Introduced…The grab for our Freedom and stomping on our Rights continues..

Criminalizes Private Sale of Firearms

The proposed language would criminalize the private transfers of firearms with limited exceptions, and also impose new fees (taxes). Minnesotans will be forced to undergo a criminal investigation if you wish to purchase a firearm from certain family members, friends and co-workers. And even though antique firearms are not regulated by the federal government and do not require a background check for transfers – this legislation would require a background check for them.

This system can only be enforced with gun registration. And, as we know from experiences in California, Australia and Canada, gun registration enables gun confiscation—only from honest citizens—since criminals are not subject to registration nor do they submit to criminal investigations. It is perfectly clear that these bills are intended to criminalize and outlaw the private…

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