Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Hey John McCain you got your lame ass handed to you by Buck Ofama

Now you are kissing Buck Ofama’s ass!!

These people are the future…

You are the past .. and a bad one at that!!

And if they are ‘wacko’ I will take that over a senile old ass kisser any day!!


America’s Fraud President


West Virginias Not Happy with Senator Manchin: Gun Control Getting More Attention Every Day

So unelect him!!


The number of gun companies refusing to sell to the United States government triples in two weeks

There are now 118 companies refusing to sell to the United States government, more than triple the original number.

 Here is the complete list of gun companies which are refusing to go along with  our government’s nefarious plot to circumvent our second amendment rights.


Damn and I just renewed for my…

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