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Universal background checks taken off the table in Minn. House

GOOD!!! Whole damn process is unconstitutional and I want to know where the hell

Paymar…Oops Wrong picture!!

There we go..Gets his polling data from. I never nor do I know anyone was polled on this. 70%? I say BULLSHIT!!

And what the hell do these pastors think protects their 1st Amendment Rights? Or are they like one former pastor, well still a pastor, just not where I am at anymore, thinks huddling and praying will take care of all?


A number of pastors A number of pastors during Tuesday’s hearing, leading to an interesting exchange on scripture from Republican Rep. Tony Cornish, a strong gun rights supporter.

“What do you think Jesus meant in Luke in the New Testament when he said, ‘Sell your cloak and buy a sword‘?” Cornish queried. “The reason I ask is that…

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