Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Colorado Gun Sales At All-Time High

Now why would that be?

Oh yeah…

Damn socialist control freaks are ruining running the State now..


Go ahead and dream..Then haul your lame freeloading ass back across whatever border you snuck acrossed to wherever you fled.

Video: Illegal Immigrants “Dreaming” of Free Healthcare

Don’t be bringing your lazy asses here looking for hand outs..


How is that green shit working out for ya?

Taxpayer-backed solar firm faces layoffs, shakeup just months after opening


So be it..You fat racist clown!!

SAME OLD RHETORIC: Media Calling Patriots “Hate Groups” [VIDEO]


Zo speaks…


Minn. Legislature Can’t Answer 11-Year-Old’s Question: ‘Which Parent Do I Not Need – My Mom or My Dad?’

They can’t answer much of anything…


I’ve watched all of it. And I rarely watch any TeeVee, well Duck Dynasty..

Blockbuster Ratings For ‘The Bible’ Show On History…

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