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Obama can ‘simply ban all handguns’


Mommy Gov’t Takes Care of Her Own

By Chris Bacavis on Apr 02, 2013 07:36 am

If you want a great example of crony capitalismrun amok, look no further than oil pipeline deals. Oftentimes, libertarians aren’t hard enough on condemning corporate eminent domain abuses in particular. There’s nothing that more clearly gives business an unfair economic advantage over others than being able to take people’s private property at will. If …

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Why NRA says background checks lead to confiscation


Guns and the Ultimate Decentralization of Power

In response to the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, Representative John Lewis (D-GA) allegedly said: “The British are not coming. Ö We donít need all these guns to kill people.” Well then how do you explain Piers Morgan? (check…

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