From one of the sensible Legislators, that was moved into a different district through DFL driven redistricting, making the District I am in (20b) more ‘winnable’ for the current dipshit we have representing us..

Rep. Kelby Woodard (20A) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

We are in the final weeks of the 2013 legislative session and the pace will pick up significantly as we work to wrap up business at the Capitol by late May. The House Democratic majority recently presented its budget proposal for the new biennium. The plan includes over $2.4 billion in tax increases to address a $627 million issue.

This epic tax increase comes at a time when our economy is improving and the state is projected to receive $1 billion more in revenue in the next biennium without raising taxes. The problem is the House Democrats are unwilling to live within the means of hard working Minnesota taxpayers. Instead, they have chosen to increase state spending by 9 percent (to more than $39 billion).

The Democrat’s plan includes a “temporary” income tax surcharge that will put us on par with one of the highest tax rates in the country. This is on top of the income tax hike the governor is seeking. Fortunately Senate Democrats, Gov. Dayton and the Star Tribune have joined Republicans in giving this plan a chilly reception.


So what are House Democrats asking you to send more of your hard earned tax dollars to St. Paul to pay for? Well in April, we will be paying for an all-expenses trip for a Minnesota artist to study landscape art in exotic Bora Bora. KSTP recently did a story on how general fund dollars are being used to fund these lavish trips.

Many eyebrows were also raised at the Capitol recently when a report came out indicating the University of Minnesota lost money selling beer at Gophers football games last fall. At $7.25 per glass, perhaps U of M officials should come down to Belle Plaine and talk to a few folks who know how to make money selling beer.


A bill to unionize owners of in-home daycare businesses continues advancing through the House despite strong objections from legislators and independent providers throughout the state. A recent survey shows more than 86 percent of providers oppose being forced in to being unionized. Advocates of this forced unionization suggest that a minimum of $300 per year will be paid by independent providers for union dues. With an estimated 11,000 providers in Minnesota, this would mean $3.3 million out of the pockets of Minnesotans for the privilege of caring for children.

I believe day care decisions should be between parents and their provider without union interference. The Mankato Times recently ran an opinion piece that provides some great background on this topic.