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Gun Owners Score Big in the Senate
Sell-out amendment falls three votes short of Schumer’s goal of 70
Sometimes victory is relative.  But that doesn’t make it any less definitive.

Today, beginning at 5:30 pm (EST), only 67 Senators — three short of Chuck Schumer’s 70-vote target — voted to shut off debate on the anti-gun HoevenCorker-Leahy amnesty amendment. It is noteworthy that only 15 Republicans voted for cloture (to end debate), while an overwhelming majority of GOP Senators voted against it (that is, most Republicans wanted to keep the filibuster in place).

The Chuck Schumers of the world did everything in their power to get the 70-vote threshold which they had predicted — and which became a floor for the number of votes necessary in order for anti-gunners to avoid embarrassment.

They gave Nevada Senators an unending open-ended sky’s-the-limit program to…

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