Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Humorist Frank J. Fleming: “Judging by our bloated, overreaching, incompetent government, the average politician right now is about as awful in his professional life as can be imagined. But we’re fine with that. Our standard seems to be that a politician can be a corrupt, bungling idiot who seethes with loathing for each and every one of us … as long as he’s not a creep in his personal life. That’s absurd. … We especially shouldn’t be surprised by behavior like Filner’s and Weiner’s from Democrats; when you have creepy old guys so excited to make sure young women have cheap access to contraception and abortion, you kinda get the impression they have other intentions for these women than just ‘respecting’ them.”


13 year old WHITE boy, doused with GAS and set on FIRE by two black boys..

And is a ‘possible’ hate crime?!

Police in Kansas City, Missouri…

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