Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Well according to this White Man…

If your so called Reverend whom throws baseless accusations around..

Your not a real Reverend and you are a hate mongering racist yourself!!

ACCORDING TO SHARPTON: If You’re White, Then You’re a Racist


In LIEberal Minneapolis?

I’ll believe it when I see it!

Breakthrough: Cops identify race of suspects

Black mob violence is back in Minneapolis.

Some say it never stopped, and if you depend on the local newspaper for information, you might think it never started. But Minneapolis police recently issued a “crime alert” for the downtown area following a rash of mob robberies and assaults.

According to City Paper:

“What we’re seeing in this pattern is victims walking downtown by themselves on a sidewalk outside, and they’re approached by a group of three to five African American males,” MPD spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington told City Pages.


They protest! We protest.


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