Freedom Is Just Another Word...

I think many in the Military, at least many I have talked to, find Buck Ofama revolting..

U.S. Military Revolts Against Obama’s Decision to ‘Support Al-Qaeda in Syria’


Snake Oil Salesman Al Gore being sued over his gorebull warmening scam …

Now, 30,000 scientists, including the founder of The Weather Channel, have come forward to sue Al Gore for fraud.  Al Gore has made massive profits in the promotion of the global warming mythology, and he played a key role in getting the ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation passed.  Perhaps this lawsuit will finally give the thousands of ‘dissenting’ scientists a voice again.

Al Gore Sued By 30,000 Scientists For Global Warming Fraud


Did anyone out there with a working brain really think it was free?

Breaking News: Obamacare Not Free!


Say what? It gets more bizarre as time goes on..

U.S. intelligence agencies involved in chemical attack…

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