Freedom Is Just Another Word...

He’ll leave quite a legacy of destruction of much both in America and the Middle East..

His War on Christians, while enabling Terrorists..

“CHRISTIANS WILL BE MASSACRED”: If Syrian army leaves Aleppo, faithful will be killed, Chaldean Catholic leader warns

Murdering most everyone not of their terror group…Enabled and supplied by Obama..

Obama-backed Syrian Jihadists Execute Alawite Men in Raqqa

Their War on Jews and Israel…Enabled and backed by….Obama..

Savages: Muslims Try to Burn Jerusalem Family Alive on Yom Kippur, Judaism’s Holiest day

His feeble attempt at being a ‘tough warmonger’ and the bitch slapping Putin gave him and now this..

Russian Mediterranean fleet to be expanded to 11 warships

This would be more then a bitch slapping…


Is called doing their job, protecting our Rights…Unlike you Buck Ofama!!!

White House criticizes GOP for blocking gun-control agenda


Really? Would one be suspicious?

I mean Osama is dead…Right..Government says…

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