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Navy Yard: Swat team ‘stood down’ at mass shooting scene

One of the first teams of heavily armed police to respond to Monday’s shooting in Washington DC was ordered to stand down by superiors, the BBC can reveal.

A tactical response team of the Capitol Police, a force that guards the US Capitol complex, was told to leave the scene by a supervisor instead of aiding municipal officers.

Another Benghazi moment?

Were Obama, Hillary and Rice involved?


Well this explains it!!


Feeling unsteady on your feet?



The great Healthcare cash out?

Public employees. paid by the taxpayer, benefiting from the monstrosity they helped create!

Is this wrong or what??

One class of Obamacare beneficiaries: The public servants who crafted it

A group of Americans NOT benefiting from ObamaScare!!!

Obamacare: Walgreens Dropping Current Coverage for 160,000 Workers



Drove the LIEberals and leftist moonbats nuts!!

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