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US Gun Owners: Felon or Free?

Voluntary disarmament will generally be possible only after a government has proven that it is able to protect the security of the people to be disarmed. Second, forcible attempts to disarm people who still need guns to defend themselves—including for protection from predatory governments—are likely to lead to massive resistance, and to an escalating cycle of human rights abuses by government forces, and finally, to re-armament by the victim population.

How about Free? I will submit to no man or woman and will not give up the one thing that will keep it that way…My firearms…If owning a ‘tool’ becomes illegal, it will only be because we have a Government which wishes total control..Again I refuse to submit!!!


Anti-Second Amendment Wheel of Misfortune

The media again displayed their lack of reporting facts and truth. Leaping up and down squealing about the ‘bad’ AR15..

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