Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Everyone has the Right to speak out…

The Constitution protects these Rights..

Yet some seem to think otherwise..:

Like this Kalifornistan Moonbat!!

Feinstein: First Amendment Is A Special Privilege, Not A Right!


The Religion of Thugs strikes again!!

Death toll in Kenya rises to 59!!

Where and when will the State Run Propaganda Ministry speak out???


Makes sense…

Look at how well the gun control is working in Chicago!!

Oh…wait….(psstt..It’s not!)

Chicago Police Chief Calls for Nationwide Assault Weapon and High-Capacity Magazine Ban


Perks….Our elected Jerks in Washington get many, paid for by? Yep, the Taxpayer..

Nothing angers United States Senators more than having their perks taken away. And chief among those perks is top-of-the-line healthcare at little or no cost.

But Obamacare may change that and it looks like they do not like it!!

Obamacare Subsidies Show Huge Rift Between Congress, Taxpayers.

Getting tired of there…

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