Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Hope someone gets to them quick….




Then what is Gore, Obama and the thuggish EPA selling us?

Lying scam artists!

Mark Steyn’s Epic Rant: IPCC Confesses No Global Warming for 15 Years


You a bit full of crap Rangel!!!
But then most of your ilk are!!

Rangel: ‘Jesus Said You’re Going Straight To Hell’ If You Don’t Support Food Stamps

Charity comes from the heart! Not the Government!! They take, steal, abscond with what they want and give it to whomever whines the longest loudest and votes for them!!

Dementia Pelosi!

Your supposed to know these things!!

Pelosi Confuses U.S. Constitution With Declaration Of Independence


Really? You needed a ‘poll’ to tell you this?

Poll: Americans Increasingly Feel Government Is Too Powerful


See above…Way to much power! Especially in a tyrant like Buck Ofama’s hands!!

Obama Tells U.N. That U.S. Spying, Interventionism Is…

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