Freedom Is Just Another Word...

What the heck are you smoking Obama?

Never mind we have a pretty good idea!!

You say..

Obama claims ‘no widespread evidence’ health law hurts jobs, amid cutbacks

What about this?

ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs

Gee that sure looks like ‘evidence’. Cause and effect of poor Government policies and the idiots that pass them!!
Moving on…
Government regulations…Killing jobs and ruining lives!!

Timber industry suffers as loggers blame federal regs for lost jobs

Hope and change…see how the Obama Regime helps!! NOT!!


And then there  are the Nazi’s at the EPA…

EPA admits new coal regulations won’t reduce global warming

Passing regulations that do nothing…
Cause our energy costs to rise and place additional burdens on industries..
But that is what Washington and the BureauCRAPS and PolitcRATs do toyday..
Here to help?
My ass!
Government…screwing America every which way it…

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