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Obama: “I Will Not Negotiate”


Key to winning fight against anti-gun ObamaCare rests with House


“It is abundantly clear that Harry Reid wants a shutdown. And now he’s gotten the shutdown that the wants.” – Senator Ted Cruz, October 1, 2013


Like a bully in the school playground, Barack Obama, Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and their media cronies are demanding Republicans’ lunch money – all of it – or they are threatening to beat them to a bloody pulp.


Our answer: “Make my day!”


In a rabid speech, Obama refused to negotiate over anything concerning the anti-gun ObamaCare law,notwithstanding the fact that even USA Today begrudgingly conceded this morning that it was a “rocky rollout” — and that none of the health “exchanges” were ready to go on time.


Harry Reid echoed Obama. “They try to send us…

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