Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Government…Screwing up every which way they turn..

Sites shutdown and Obama sites, like Obama and his pResidency…failing..not functional…

Government Shuts Down Websites People Need, As Obamacare Sites — Not Shut Down — Simply Don’t Work


The truth comes out. Hairy Ass Reid admits, the Government and it’s survival is all important…To hell with the tax paying Citizens of America!!

Harry Reid Makes It Abundantly Clear For Americans: ‘We Support The Federal Government. That’s Our Job. That’s What We Do.’


Obama’s Muslim…

Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Flashes The R4BIA Muslim Brotherhood Salute



Take that Hollyweird!!

Christian film No. 1 at box office


Another scandal for Obama? More fraud…

Obamacare: A second company hired to implement the healthcare law has been investigated for fraud


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