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Bent over backwards?

Must be confusing that with being bent over ‘forwards’ by his Mooslim benefactors and masters!!!

Obama Says He’s ‘Bent Over Backwards’ to Work with Republicans


The 164 DemocRATS whom voted against Veteran’s benefits can be found


With their Twitter info..

Do as you will…


These idiots are not paying attention. Like Buck Ofama their hero and master, they have blinders on and are ignoring the People…

No such impartial fair and objective reporting to be found or heard on any of the liberal media … Jokes.. Nothing But Crap. All Barack Crap,  More Shit Nothing But Crap.

CNBC’s Harwood Wonders if Obama Will Use Shutdown to ‘Break the Fever’ in GOP

In an exclusive interview with President Obama on Wednesday, CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood lobbed this softball on the political fallout of the government shutdown: “Before the election last year…

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