Freedom Is Just Another Word...

The lowly .22..

Used to be plentiful, easy to find, cheap…Now you best be first in line at you favorite ammo selling store and head straight for it if you want any hope of buying any!!

America’s Secretest Weapon


Fellow DemocRATS, Socialists and elitist assO’s Hairy Ass Reid and Buck Ofama!

Cruz: Reid and Obama Trying to Make Shutdown as Painful as Possible


Ponder this….

Is still all about the oil..

“America thought Bahrain was an easy prey that will serve as key to the collapse of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] regime and lead to giant oil companies controlling oil in the Gulf,” Shelton said.

Always about the oil!!

Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Obama plotted to destabilize regimes in Bahrain, Egypt


But only Christian pastors! Not Mooslim Terrorists!

Persecution of Christians. Condoned and probably ordered by the Mooslim in the White House!

Priests in military face…

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