Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Was the bacon injured??

Man injured after half-ton of bacon falls on him

The man sustained minor back injuries; his cholesterol levels are unknown


Goo? Beaver butts? Vanilla flavored?

No more vanilla flavored anything!!

For the EMS folks out there!

The stupid EMS cliche usage guide

All true and all overused..


Public Schools…Beginning to suck as much as Government!!

PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUCK: Students Suspended For Decorating School With American Flags


There is no sense in what Obama is doing.


Don’t kid yourselves..He is destroying America..At least doing his damndest!!

Where’s sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown?


Excuse me Maher?

What exactly have you done with your generation other the screw America up with your LIEberal policies and your all about ME bullshit?

These Vets..

Maher: WWII Vets Not ‘The Brightest Generation’

Won a…

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