Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Really Carney? You think?

If Obama AND Biden resigned at the same time, yes!

Of Course that would leave RINO, Crying John Boehner as President but that would be better, way better then what we have today!!

Carney: Tea Party Wants Obama to ‘Resign’ to End Shutdown

But we at least would have some HOPE!!

This just about the stupidest then ever..

Using National Monuments and PARKS to ‘hurt’ the People and make point?

The ‘Government’ does not ‘own’ anything and they do this?

Spending more money to keep the People out of THEIR parks, public property with more money, time and damn guards then arer used when they are open?

How damn STUPID is that?

Parks take center stage in shutdown fight


Go ahead, ignore it, belittle it, bemoan it..

But that is to be expected from the leftist Obama controlled crap media..His Propaganda Ministry!

TruthRevolt Draws…

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