Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Treasonous Buck Ofama…Anti American, proof?

Ignoring vets, ignoring soldiers and closing Americans Memorials in his childish tantrum trying to get his way..Like the two year old laying on the floor in the toy section screaming and yelling…

But supporting terrorists…The Mooslum Brotherhood..

Treason: Obama Continues Support of Muslim Brotherhood as He Thumbs Nose at Vets


This is NOT America’s Army…has been co-opted by Buck Ofama and his Mooslum benefactors and puppet masters..

US Army Defines Christian Ministry As ‘Domestic Hate Group’

What type of violent terrorists acts have they committed?

I’ll wait………….


Just like you had to pass it to see how crappy it actually was?

Pelosi: We Have to Implement Obamacare Before Changes Can Be Made


Now you anti gun asswipes…

Tell me why this person should not have the RIGHT to protect herself..Obviously you government loving whores are clueless..

If there ever was an argument…

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