Freedom Is Just Another Word...

If we keep quiet and worship silently, in our church..Maybe no one will notice us…

Yeah, that works well…

Hey, Christians: Grow a Spine and Declare Islam a Vile Doctrine


Blood? The the leftist LIEberals do want to push those that disagree and point out all their failings, into something, an act of violence? Another mass shooting? Well that one has always been been by leftist Obama supporting nut cases…But something they can pin on those that they don’t like, so they can claim the need to take over completely. They want Totalitarianism

1. thepracticesandprinciplesofatotalitarian regime.
2. absolutecontrol bythestateoragoverningbranchofahighlycentralizedinstitution.
3. thecharacterorqualityofanautocraticorauthoritarianindividual,group,orgovernment:thetotalitarianismofthefather.

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