Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Holder…Call 911 and wait…Die in the meantime,,Yeah that works!!

Holder your criminal and treasonous bastard..

Eric Holder: Dial 911 & Wait on Police During Mass Shootings

Junk science? Pretty much describes Obama’s Administration and regime…Junk!

Junk Science Drives Obama Administration’s Gun Policies


Well that works!! Cannot face the heat, so run away!! Pretty much again describes Obama and his thugs!!

Carney Ducks Obamacare Questions, Walks Out of Press Briefing


So much for keeping your health care plan!! Another Obama lie!!!

Thousands Of Consumers Get Insurance Cancellation Notices Due To Health Law Changes


Freeloading IRS. Your tax dollar at work….

Report: No. 2 Official at IRS Commutes to Work . . . By Plane


Obama’s screwing of America…Over and over and over again…

How Obamacare Hurts You If You’re Looking for a Job


Not a Stewart fan. But if he keeps this up may become…

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