Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Everything Obama does is fake, misleading or staged…Or scandalous…

PHONY FAINTER?: Conspiracy Theorist Contends ‘Obama’s Fainting Lady was Faked’


No outrage….The media shows it’s LIEberal bias once again!!!

ONE MORE: Black 16yr. old POC slaughters Columbus, Ohio woman in hate crime



Leno: ‘Easier to Join Al Qaeda Using Their Website Than it is to Sign Up for ObamaCare’


Oprah says no to the One she endorsed!

HA!! They, the leftists, are turning on the One!

Oprah Slams Obama: ‘An Immediate, Flat-out, Unequivocal No’


Work? Obama? Work?

I do not think he has ever worked a day in his life! Honest work that is..

Dishonest criminal activities?

All the time?

8 Things Obama is Scheduled to Do Instead of Working


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