Freedom Is Just Another Word...

I don’t think so you damned old goat!!

Harry Reid Claims Everybody is Willing to Pay More Taxes


Obama, pissing our allies off…Through the NSA..

Europeans Furious Over U.S. Spying, Prepare to Take Action


In Texas? Public School Progressive assOs fail!!

Texas Father Fighting Back Against School That Tried to Make Son Take Off Shirt with the Words “God, Guns, Country”


Bullying a 103 year old lady and stealing her property..Eminent Domain…Stealing..

They say you can’t figt City Hall…Try this and watch me…I won’t fight through the courts..Be ready..

Seattle City Council Uses Eminent Domain To Turn Private Parking Lot Into Government-Run Parking Lot


More Seattle BULLSHIT!!
No more words…

“Thought Police” Ban All Words!


NAZIs. Are in Obama’s Administration…

Exclusive: Feds confiscate investigative reporter’s confidential files during raid


Pisshead Morgan has nothing…SO he lies, again!

 Piers Morgan Committing Fraud In The US Too

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