Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Hey Obama! Remember that little thing called the Constitution?

Knock this crap off you asswipe!!

Obama Admin. Working To Make Anti-Muslim Speech Illegal & Punishable


What American’s really think of pResident Buck Ofama!!

Gallup Poll Reveals What Americans Really Think of Obama


Via email…

To all,

Yes, I am a firm believer in disproportion responses.  They work every time…just read about what Presidents Lincoln and Truman and Generals Sherman, Patton or Schwarzkopf did.

One of my former pastors asked me if I thought a 30 round magazine was really necessary for home protection.  Against people who play by no rules?  I’d prefer a Dillon Aero M134.


Remember, tolerance! Is what the lamestream media and LIEberals in America keep spouting…

Tolerance..You know there are some many damn fools and idiots in America, whom are completely and…

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