Freedom Is Just Another Word...

I am glad I no longer have to fight with the local Public School system.

They don’t work with you and it was an everyday affair..

So happy my sons are off to college with a plan and a purpose..

Raised right in spite of all the schools did or tried to do..

So this would have had me livid..

More Common Core Indoctrination: “The People Must Obey The Government’s Commands”


I would be back and a lone wolf. Hunting…and taking vengeance!!

My own Mother once told me I had ice in my veins when angry and my Father taught me well…


HORRIBLE: Soldier Serving Abroad See’s His Pregnant Wife STABBED as They Talk on FaceTime During Home Invasion

It would be …

“Rules? What are rules? I don’t need no stinking rules!!”



Truth on ObamaScare!

Mayo Clinic Chief: Obamacare Not Focused on Improving Quality…

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