Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Keep your Doctor?

Not so much under ObamaScare!!

You Also Can’t Keep Your Doctor

Lets force the Doctor’s to take care of Patients…And when the Doctors say effU what then?

They ain’t slaves….Yet…

Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients

Neither plan, like most Government mandated and run plans work and and filled with fraud, by providers and probably, most likely fraud in Government…Yes I know, that is a shocker!!

We are down 45,0000 Doctors and that is expected to increase and with ObamaScare millions more will be seeking healthcare..And a Doctor shortage…SO lets start mandating…SO more Doctors quit…Do LIEberals ever stop to think?

Fraud, schemes and Government seem to have cozy relationships these days, and we know it has always been as such, but the Obama Regime of thuggery, terrorism and murder seems to be taking it to new heights of despair..


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