Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Tolerance..This is how Totalitarian Regimes ‘tolerate’ views different then the ‘official’ government view..

North Korea publicly executes 80, some for videos or Bibles, report says

And these people are helpless and disarmed and I bet they have ‘Universal Government Controlled Healthcare’!

Think about that for a minute Americans!!


Women. Hunting for wild game..

I saw plenty of evidence of this over the weekend while deer hunting..

Many women, young and old were at our motel and heading out with their spouses, partners etc. Glamorously dressed in blaze orange..

Women in the Outdoors: Numbers on the Rise

Wonder how the screeching feminists feel about this..Self sufficient women, carrying rifles, hunting to fill their freezers?

Try to make these gals ‘victims’!


Once again the stupid people in Academia raise their ugly heads and screech noisily..

They would rather have victims, dead, beaten, raped students then students whom defend theselves!

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