Freedom Is Just Another Word...

You can most times depend on Family..

I know you mess with mine…Wait for the cops?

Not hardly..Anyone of my guns has a much faster response time and I do know what the hell I am doing with them!!

So do my boys and most of my cousins..

Family Grabs Their Guns to Shoot Kidnapper and Rescue Woman After Police Take Too Long

Karma…Mess with my family and I become Karma..

Good jobs people!!!

Wow…Liberals…Defending gun rights…

Go read it!

4 CNN Liberals Walk into a Bar… and Defend Gun Rights?


Sneaky politicians…Banning Freedom and Rights!!

A ban on the faith-based workplace


Guns or ObamaScare…Well guns of course! What the hell did you think..

Bar Graph: People Want Guns A Lot More Than They Want Obamacare



You expected the citizens to roll over and say…Okay?

What do you expect when you want to illegally enter…

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