Freedom Is Just Another Word...

How to deal with bad guys..

Armed citizenry….Of course the gun grabbers are having fits and soiling themselves…To bad..

Done right!

Georgia Town Forms Armed Posse and Uses Guns to Catch Armed Criminal


What does this say to you Bloomberg? Your illegal Mayors against guns? The People do not like your Nanny, gun grabbing, statist, views..I do believe Virginia just told you to go away!!

NRA Goes 65-2 Against Bloomberg in VA Delegate Races


Since the facts do not back their claims up. All they have is misinformation, lies and tantrums…

Moms Demand Action Twist the Truth Again – Dueling Photos Tell the True Story

Their version of those violent gun toting rednecks!

The real image of every day folks exercising their Rights!!


Government Agencies, unelected, appointed, hired underlings whom are actually We the People’s…

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