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Democratic Senator Admits: 
“We All Knew” Obama’s Promise Wasn’t True
And Al Franken said…nothing.

Despite the blatantly political effort by Democrat Al Franken to save his job by keeping his head down, it’s become abundantly clear that he knew full well that some Americans would lose health care plans that they liked, as Democrats repeatedly made dishonest promises otherwise.  Read More

When asked whether President Obama mislead Democrats, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) disclosed: “He should have just been more specific
No, we all knew.

The Democratic Senator from New York is a close colleague of Al Franken and admitted a truth that Franken so far has repeatedly refused to acknowledge: The fact that millions of people are losing health insurance that they like, forcing them into the ObamaCare exchanges, is an intended consequence of the law.

Senate Democrats Voted Unanimously To Support The ObamaCare Rule That’s…

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