Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Is easy to be a Father..And tough to be a Dad..

The failure of being a Dad, after being a Father has consequences..

Bad ones..

72 percent of adolescent murderers…

60 percent of the Nation’s rapists

Grow up without Dads…

63 percent of youth suicides.

90 percent of homeless or runaway kids

85 percent of youths in prison..

71 percent of High School dropouts..

Grow up without Dads..

Why does one  never hear the left or those supposedly bright academics, politicians, social mongering progressives talking about this?

Why isn’t this at the top of the list of ‘problems to be solved’?

Because once a problem is created, the left finds it easier to attempt to manage the problem use it for their benefit, rather then fix it.

Because we have a lot of ‘victims’, progressives love ‘victims’, social engineers love victims, they dance in their blood and use them to…

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