Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Buck Ofama, receiving, I won’t say winning, the Nobel Peace Prize  for what?

And they want it back!!

Now he has awarded the Medal of Freedom to who?

The colorful collection was a cacophony of politically correct Democrat darlings, with a journalist, a RINO, two deceased homosexuals, a few Latinos, and an occasional black sports figure thrown in for good measure.

Again, why? What have they done? For America?Not one damn thing!!

And in shoving his unwanted, unconstitutional bullshit ObamaScare down America’s throats, he also rewarded friends and supporters…

With No Bid Contracts!!

Hell if that is not illegal it should be!!

Now with Harry Reid pushing the nuclear option through the Senate and changing the rules…We can expect LIEberal Judges to slowly take over and legislate Obama’s bullshit laws from the bench!!

Tyranny I tell you…

Is what we are headed for and the next sumbitch that tells me…

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