Freedom Is Just Another Word...

We’ve told you about Al Franken’s weak poll numbers – and a new poll shows support for Democrat Sen. Al Franken has plunged. Our campaign to “Defeat Al Franken” is making great progress!

You read that right – only 39% of voters in Minnesota now have a favorable opinion of Al Franken.

And here’s the best part: we are preparing to launch a new TV ad campaign to “Defeat Al Franken.” We’re going to be interviewing Minnesota residents who lost their health insurance because of the ObamaCare scheme, and we’ll be running TV ads pointing out that Al Franken was not only the deciding vote to pass ObamaCare… but Al Franken helped write ObamaCare!

We need your help to pay for our TV ad campaign to “Defeat Al Franken.” Please make the most generous contribution you can afford and we’ll drive Franken’s poll numbers…

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